Bridget Flannery is a painter with a considerable track record. While you could, as Brian Fallon once observed, describe her as a landscape painter, it is more accurate to say she is a painter of nature. Her paintings emerge from her engagement with the landscape in the widest sense:  the character of place and her experience of it, feelings of belonging or not belonging, memories and reflections.

The paintings develop a visual language that owes much to abstraction. Their nuanced surfaces recall textures, atmospheric subtleties, and while they are internally consistent they are not conventionally representational.

Flannery builds up nuanced tonalities with collaged layer of paper saturated with pigment. The process of making is as important to her as the finished piece. There is compressed energy to her compositions while her use of colour and texture is always mature and assured.

These paintings are quietly and surely persuasive.

Aidan Dunne, Irish Times.